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ART 45A San Diego State University Guerilla Girls Discussion

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First assignment

From 2021SP-ART-100-4661

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Watch this video introduction to the Guerrilla girls.

Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum? (Fig. 12.1) was an early poster created by the Guerrilla Girls in order to bring attention to racial and gender inequalities in the art world. Go to the Girls’ website Guerrilla Girls (Links to an external site.) to see more examples of posters and other mass media “ads” they made. View at least ten different poster designs. Think about: Which are the most effective? Which are the least effective? Why? Which is the most artistic? The least artistic?

Then: Guerrilla Art. The Guerrilla Girls created provocative posters using appropriated images and confrontational text. Create your own provocative poster. Appropriate an image from the textbook or online or draw one. You can put a gorilla mask on the figure if you like or reference the Guerilla Girls in another way. Incorporate research or factual text to address an issue of race, class, or gender.

Second assignment

View the examples of totem poles and formline designs in Northwest Coast Art. The designs are imbued with symbolism in shape, in color, and in the animals used. Traditional shapes and forms are reused, redesigned, and reenergized while still retaining the basic shape of those traditional forms. View many examples of Northwest Coast designs and totems. Take one of those designs and copy the major shapes from it on a sheet of paper. Reorganize and recombine those shapes to create a new object or animal.

Submit it to this assignment and view the rest of the class. Respond to at least 2 others.

examples of formline designs in Northwest Coast Art

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 3.48.25 PM-1.png

Third assigment

The Dinner Party.… (Links to an external site.)

Judy Chicago created The Dinner Party (Fig. 5.22) with help from a team of over one hundred. What is its significance in the history of art? Evaluate the use of the triangle as symbolism and the number 13 on each side of the triangle. The women honored at the place settings include artist Georgia O’Keeffe, writers Virginia Woolf and Emily Dickinson, political leaders Theodora of Byzantium and Egyptian queen Hatshepsut, and social revolutionaries Sojourner Truth and Susan B. Anthony. Why did Chicago include the women she did? REsearch and read more about The Dinner Party to inform your discussion.


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