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AU Avon Products Inc Case Study Paper

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Avon Products Inc. Case Study – Outline
Introduction: Avon is an organization that, for quite a long time, has represented innovation,
excellence, beauty primarily for women
I. Brief Depiction of Avon Product Inc. Status
A. The 122-year-old, Avon Company, was established by McConnell David-a house
to house books-vender who delivered free cologne tasters as a motivation to his
B. By 2005, the organization was considered as quite possibly the best immediate
selling beauty corporation existing in more than 40 countries, getting over 70% of
its income from outside the U.S
C. Avon Products Inc.’s development rate was excellent; however, in 2006, Avon
organization got itself in a challenging and declining state both in benefits and
D. The organization was encountering a tremendous declining cost for various
reasons. The most significant one was the grown-out of Avon against its bits of
the company infrastructure and talent that could no longer support it
E. Like other developing organizations, the Avon processes appropriate for a 5
billion dollar organization were not a solid match for a 10 billion dollar
F. Due to the difficulties, Jung Andrea, the then CEO of Avon Products alongside
her executive group, began rebuilding Avon in 2006

G. The changes are creating new abilities with the endeavors to outsource marketing
specialists, Supply chain, and Brand Management, which witnessed hundreds of
new leader’s entries in the organization
H. Delayering, a six-month procedure that zeroed in on cutting down the layer of the
executives from fifteen to eight, including a decrease of benefits and remuneration
up to 25%
I. Substantial financing in executive group and in lastly, shifting to a matrixcentered design from a regional formation
II. Model for Change
A. Avon Products can be assumed to have embraced the LaMarsh managed change
B. The LaMarsh change model is a four-phase linear approach to carrying out
hierarchical changes that incorporate distinguishing of the change, plan and
concocting of the change, executing the change lastly, uphold the change
C. I chose this change model concerning the number of stages and steps embraced
and the restructuring made by the then CEO Jung Andrea of Avon Products
alongside her executive group in 2006
D. These challenges forced the organization to investigate the situation, develop a
plan and solution, and execute the required changes in the organization
E. Avon Company, under the leadership of Jung Andrea, understood that there was a
requirement for significant changes required in each talent custom to help in the

F. The second step that Avon Company zeroed in on was preparing to figure out
how to move from their present situation to the expected position.
G. The organization concentrated on the significant issues that affected the
organization and decreased its benefits and incomes, which included resources
and talents that could no longer support the organization
H. The next phase of change zeroed in mostly on changing the six recognized
shortcomings of talent practices and efficiency into the company’s qualities.
I. The change zeroed in on conveying more transparency as probable to each talent
custom. The change procedures comprised the adjustment of the organization’s
360 appraisal process
J. Lastly, Avon Company adopted various measures to evaluate their carried out
steps for change.
K. They accomplished the appraisal by keeping an eye on employees’ work
fulfillment, performing administration rating studies, and assessing the
organization’s financial performance
L. This last phase of change assumes a significant part in the organization’s success,
and the organization’s achievement since different changes may be adjusted
III. Types of Evaluations
A. The organization embraced a change procedure that included various data
assessments, including the six recognized ability shortcomings discussed in the
above section that prompted the organization’s insufficiency

B. The company utilized the information gained from the data evaluation to develop
ways and changes in talent customs that the organization could embrace to
transform the shortcomings into strengths
C. The primary evaluation was the 360 Avon change proce…


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