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BL 368 CSUN Unethical Behaviors Discussion

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Policy for reporting illegal or unethical behaviors

Date due

Policy for reporting illegal or unethical behaviors
Illegal actions and unethical behaviors are not welcomed in any company. Whenever
someone experiences or engages in one, they should be reported for necessary actions to be
taken. This is because reporting work misconduct by an employee is regarded as the right thing
to do (, 2021). Despite speaking, it might land someone in an awkward
situation. People who practice such behaviors are likely to affect the company’s good reputation,
endanger the health and safety of other employees, or breach the company’s procedures and
regulations. When an individual illegally presents themselves, there is a proper way of reporting
Some of the activities that need to be reported include accounting irregularities, theft and
fraud cases, unethical business conduct, violation of rules, harassments or discrimination, and
professional standards. Whenever such cases arise, one should consider reporting the cases to the
chief ethics office hotline system. This channel allows internal and external clients to report any
misconduct case when it arises anonymously. The hotline is online 24 hours a day for seven days
a week. People can log into the company’s website ad send the complaint or use the toll-free line
to contact the company. Additionally, any person within the organization who receives an oral or
written complaint regarding misconduct or illegality is required to inform the chief ethical officer
for further assessments immediately.
No employee within the organization will be discharged, discriminated against, or
threatened in any way for reporting illegal or unethical behavior in good faith. Reporting such
behavior will help the company establish measures to eliminate such mistakes. No employee is
allowed to take revenge or retaliate against the person who has submitted an illegality behavior
in good faith. If one is found, they will be subjected to disciplinary actions. Depending on the

magnitude of the case, some may face dismissal as unethical behaviors are not welcomed in the
company. Therefore, all employees need to conduct themselves in a better manner accepted by
the company policies.
Value statement for the company
A value statement is crucial in the development and direction the company will follow. It
is the soul of the company because it conveys the values and priorities of a company or an
organization (Mulholland, 2018). The value statement lets clients and employees understand the
importance of the business and culture the company is following. A value statement can be
internally or externally. The Hordstrom values include integrity, leadership, ownership, passion
for winning, and trust among the employees and customers. Integrity is very crucial in our
operations as it helps offer better and honest services to our clients. Therefore, the company tries
its level best to do what is right for both the staff and clients.
For better functioning of an organization, all organization members are needed to conduct
themselves and present good leadership qualities when interacting with one another or serving
clients. The company has a clear guideline on how the staff should conduct themselves at any
point in time, irrespective of their geographical locations. This is because our employees are the
organization’s ambassadors wherever they are and in whatever they are doing.
The company values accountability for any action taken. Regardless of the outcome, all
employees are encouraged to take ownership of their decisions and be responsible. Clients are
also encouraged to take responsibility for the actions or decisions they make. This will enable a
smooth flow of things. If all these values are followed, trust will increase, and better service
provision will be actualized

Incentive compensation program
Incentive compensation programs are designed…

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