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BUSN 491 Week 2 Response Posts

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Post #1 – Ariel M.
In having the opportunity to consider different business models, and what type of product
or service you would like to offer to consumers I would want to jump on the bandwagon of
e-commerce as it pertains to developing a subscription box for motivating entrepreneurs to
keep the faith concerning making their dream a reality. From Ipsy to Ble Apron there are
many sites that cater helping people who lived a fast paced life. “McKinsey’s research team
interviewed 5,093 U.S.-based respondents, 4,057 of which were on line shoppers who had
spent at least $25 on line in the past month in 2018.” (Forbes,2018) As boxes can range
anywhere from ten to fifty dollars or more depending upon the products within the
subscription. The business model of knowing how economics works when trying to provide
a new product to the public is very important.
From this weeks research, I learned that there are three types which are replenishment,
curation, and access. Access means that you are only able to have access if you pay for the
service. “Replenishment subscriptions allow consumers to automate the purchase of
commodity items. Curation subscriptions seek to surprise and delight by providing new
items or highly personalized experiences in categories such as apparel, beauty, and
food.” (McKinsey) I would choose that my business curation which have a element of
surprise such as affirmations, new trends in marketing, or even a card for a self-care day.
Curation was the highest in 2018 at 55%. (Forbes,2018) From a secondary source men and
women have different numbers and as well as reasons for subscribing or why they want to
stay committed. It seems that I would cater the subscription box to both men and women
who are entrepreneurs. Creating a gift of encouragement and lessons to all can help create
the idea that person could have been waiting for. Romans 8:19 says ” the whole creation waits
breathless with anticipation for the revelation of God’s sons and daughters.”
Thinking inside the subscription box: New research on e-commerce consumers. Retrieved
January 16, 2020, from, L. (2018, March 4).
The Holy Bible
The State Of The Subscription Economy, 2018. Retrieved January 16, 2020, from
Post #2 – Brianna B.
Business plans and models are considered to be really communication tools that are
rewritten as often as needed as the venture develops (Read, 2017, p. 312). Fuller and
Morgan state, “One role of business models is to provide a set of generic level descriptors
of how a firm organizes itself to create and distribute value in a profitable manner” (2010,
para. 7). Some examples of business models utilized by companies to make a profit are
bundling, leasing, and subscription (Ovans, 2015).
A profitable company could be making a new social media marketing app or any app
or website that would capitalize on current issues that come along with already
preexisting apps. I know from experience that many artists are unhappy with
Instagram’s setup as it prevents accounts from growing unless they are already quite
popular. I think creating a new app for artists with help from art tool companies such
as Wacom could potentially work out. A more broad idea might be more beneficial to
appeal to a wider market. A business like Uber could be ideal: a product that all sorts
of people need and it’s easily accessible. Mazareanu states, “In 2018, 95 million
people used the Uber app on a monthly basis” (2019). Perhaps one set specifically for
those who can no longer get around easily such as senior citizens could make it stand
out a bit more, however that generation knows little about technology, so a whole new
system would need to be created for them.
Baden-Fuller, C., & Morgan, M. S. (2010). Business models as models. Long Range
Planning, 43(2), 156-171. doi:10.1016/j.lrp.2010.02.005
Mazareanu, E. (2019, August 9). Uber’s users of ride-sharing services worldwide 2019.
Retrieved from
Ovans, A. (2015, January 23). What Is a Business Model? Retrieved from
Read, S., Sarasvathy, S., Dew, N., & Wiltbank, R. (2017). Effectual entrepreneurship (2nd ed.).
Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.
Discussion Board Week 2
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Discussion Board Week 2
Section III: Product Description Worksheet
The organization seeks to be a leader in the non-alcoholic beverage industry with the
development of unique products that promote the health of their customers. The product at hand
is an energy drink called Power Boost that will contain herbal extracts and no added sugars,
explicitly targeting individuals with diabetes. Most energy drinks are not suitable for people with
diabetes, as the caffeine in them is likely to spike the blood sugar or even lead to insulin
resistance. The secondary target group for the commodity is pregnant women who often need to
boost their energy from the exhaustion of carrying extra weight. The drink will provide them
with the energy that they need while they do not have to fear to ingest added sugars that would
harm their unborn babies.
Section IV: Competitor Analysis Worksheet
The company faces stiff competition from already existing companies in the nonalcoholic beverage industry. The most significant competitor is OFF GRID that manufactures the
OFF-GRID energy drink. The primary ingredients for the product are caffeine and natural herbal
extracts such as guava and green coffee. However, the product differs from the Power Boost
because it is in the form of a dissolvable energy tablet that requires one to have ready water so
that they can consume it. The other major competitor for the organization is the 51 Fifty energy
drinks manufactured by 51 Fifty Energy Inc. The products are made from a blend of natural
extracts such as the Maca and Astragalus roots that have a variety of benefits, including boosting
the immune system, reducing resistance fatigue and increasing energy. However, most of these
drinks also contain caffeine that is intended to stimulate the mind. Even though these two
companies have been in the market for a long time, their products contain caffeine, which makes
them unsuitable for diabetic people as the proposed Power Boost product.

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