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DAC The Golden Age of Film Animation 1928 to 1957 Essay

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The Golden Age of Film Animation: 1928-1957

Materials: Acrylic paint on Bristol board

Objectives: 1) To use key elements and principles of design in conjunction with the

Grey Scale, in order to move the viewer through 2D space,

2) To create a composition that draws conceptual and aesthetic inspiration

from Film Animation 1928-1957,

3) To define for yourself the connections between images and cultural

values AND in particular how the climate crisis affects the world and the future of society


1) History of Animation, 2014, TRT-24:14 (Links to an external site.)

2) How to Be a Good Ancestor, Roman Krznaric, 2020, TRT-7:05 (Links to an external site.)

3) Lotte Reiniger: A Pioneer in Animation, 2020, TRT-5:18 (Links to an external site.)

4) Len Lye, Tusalava,1929, TRT-7:13 (Links to an external site.)

5) Norman McLaren, Boogie Doodle, 1940, TRT-3:18 (Links to an external site.)


1 – First I would like you to watch documentaries #1 and #2 as an introduction to the project. Then you will need to watch all three shorts on the three animators to choose your inspiration for the project. They are all very different so take your time to watch them. Next I would like you to write a one-page response. (See required technical specs below) What were one or two things you learned about the animation of the early 20thcentury? Why did you choose the animator you did for the project?

2 – Preliminary sketches. Now that you have chosen one animator for inspiration you will need to decide on a concept concerning the global climate crisis. After watching the video, How To Be A Good Ancestor, what do you want to say about our predicament? Will you propose solutions such as flying cars that don’t use fossil fuels or will you depict a meeting between earthlings and other planetary lives?

3 – You are creating a story board for a one-minute animated film. This is not the actual animation. This is the concept for your film. You would use this in your portfolio to communicate your idea and what happens.

4 – You will have six equal frames to depict your action. The elements of design are important here such as shape (what kinds of shapes) and space (where does the action happen, top to bottom or left to right?). The principles of design are also important, balance, rhythm/movement and emphasis to name a few.

5 – For your materials, you will be using one sheet of Bristol board, sized at 14” x 17” and black and white acrylic paint. Your final painting will have six equal frames measuring 4” in height and 5” in width. I will illustrate this in my PowerPoint Presentation for you to view. You will also write a brief description of the action below each frame. I will also have this illustrated in my PowerPoint Presentation. Neatness matters!

6 – Once again you will use the grey scale to paint your composition. You will use a total of eleven values of paint starting with pure white and then light grey, medium grey, dark grey and finally pure black.

Tints – three values

Tones – three values

Shades – three values

Plus white and black equals eleven values.

*Make sure there are clean borders. You may have to cut your windows out of a clean piece of Bristol and place it over your painting.


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