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ECOM 201 SEU Management Modawa Medical Company Report

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Project Assignment

Modawa Medical Company
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Project Assignment
Modawa Medical Company
Modawa Medical Company (MMC) is a Saudi organization and a pharmaceutical group
or company that delivers one of the most advanced IV Compounding Solutions and customized
services to healthcare professionals and health care institutions. The objective of Modawa
Medical Company is to manufacture high-quality TPN for under-weight and under-developed
neonates needing parenteral nutrition. (Tim, 2016) Due to the lack of advanced TPN, babies
under 1kg and having under-developed GIT might die because of poor nutrition. This is the
reason due to which Modawa Medical Company dug deep into the causes of unavailability of
proper IV parenteral nutrition. Modawa Medical Company uses Aseptic conditions for minimum
risk of contamination and infections and recruits certified companies for site designs and
construction as well as trained employees. They also provide proper nutrition services to adult
critically ill patients and adult patients with chronic GIT conditions along with neonates.
Modawa Medical Company follows ISO 5 Air Quality Condition under the full
supervision of clinical pharmacists to make sure patients in hospitals and clinics are provided
with high-quality IV therapy. The focus of Modawa Medical Company is on retail pharmacy
and sales across the state and their chains are also present in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the
United Kingdom. Because of the global sales chain of Modawa Medical Company, they have
global managers. The Global Manager is responsible for handling staff and firm units through
various communities or time periods, proposing new capabilities. (Tim, 2016) To boost benefit
through foreign markets, global managers devise and institute initiatives. Global executives rely


Project Assignment
on customer demand and regional developments, as well as product and services acquisition. To
create goods or services that target a specific hole in the market, they will launch a marketing
strategy by interacting with a team of experts and to meet priorities and objectives; these
practitioners will then incorporate product growth, packaging, and delivery methods.
There are a variety of problems affecting the pharmaceutical industry that has been further
compounded by the pandemic.
The global health crisis, for instance, has exacerbated prescription shortages, a longstanding obstacle for pharmacists. Another big problem is the mental health burden on frontline
staff. Medical practitioners are under tremendous pressure to care for Covid-19 patients, to keep
track of essential medicines, and to protect their own wellbeing. The lives of many individuals,
both domestically and internationally, have dramatically shifted from what was once considered
normal following the global spread of coronavirus disease in 2019 (COVID-19). Such activities
have been significantly affected to the point that individuals are becoming afraid of certain
practices and behaviors that were once considered normal and have since been entirely restricted
or banned. (Carolina, 2015) Typically, the drug supply chain and its system were not of great
concern prior to the presence of COVID-19. However, the pandemic highlighted the security
flaws that may exist, but fortunately, strategies were enforced to limit this impact. Modawa
Medical Company pharmacies strive to do their part by working to reduce customer interactions
and avoid long waits by providing home deliveries, not being as strict on signature requirements,
and allowing 90-day refills; these are some of the measures taken by Modawa Medical Company
to provide services to customers without any interruption. Also, remote pharmacy services such
as online drug prescribing, and medication consultation have been established to reduce
overcrowding and limit person-to-person transmission. A bundle of ten summaries has been

Project Assignment
approved by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) for guidance on COVID-19.
Guidelines and resource documents have also been issued by the American Pharmacist
Association (APhA) to strengthen and prepare pharmacists for the health care services of patients
and themselves in this global health crisis.
During the worldwide spread of the disease, reliability of information and control of fear
and misinformation are important concerns. (Carolina, 2015) Pharmacies are urged to facilitate
the remote dispensing of medications using mail/faxed/emailed prescriptions or the use of
electronic prescription transmission (ETP) technology couples with home delivery systems,
especially for the elderly and vulnerable communities; mobile applications have been introduced
for online drug orders. Another method that supports patient protection is a semi-automated
verification system for drugs used downstream from automatic picking systems. The powerful
cameras of the device read and process the data stored in 1-D and 2-D codes, including
packaging protection features, lot detail, date mark, etc. KNAPP’s Vision Central Belt
automatically reads prescription 2-D and QR codes on KNAPP’s central belt devices to ensure
that the pharmacy and patient are provided with the right medication. Protection is, however, not
just for patients. With a modular dust and particle collection system, KNAPP ATD-L1P
Automated Tablet Dispenser helps pharmacies meet requirements designed to ensure
the safest environment for pharmacy employees working with the National Institute for
Occupational Safety & Health. This modular solution is being incorporated by pharmacies to
lessen medication dust and particles when refilling and dispensing medications. (Sobia, 2018)


Project Assignment
Robotics and pharmacy management systems are common options for pharmacies when
it comes to efficiently fill prescriptions and doing so in a manner that will help improve customer
wellbeing and, hopefully, results downstream. ScriptPro’s robotic drug dispensing systems use
various automation features, such as barcode scanning, to ensure accuracy and protection, as
healthcare systems and pharmacies are called upon to deliver vital services to their populations
amid COVID-19. The workflow and pharmacy management systems of ScriptPro can also take
advantage of advanced communications capabilities to give patients text messages, describing
protocols for managing pharmacy services. ScriptPro’s software systems will incorporate
PharmacyPro, a smartphone application that supports mobile dispensing and retail store
functionality for distribution. Finally, the web-based extension of ScriptPro’s Advanced
Pharmacy Clinical Services to its pharmacy management systems rapidly shifted focus to launch
clinical policies and initiatives for outpatient COVID-19 patient support services. (Sobia, 2018).
Communication needs to be transparent and coordinated for an organization to work remotely to
keep production high and projects moving forward. It would be a lifeline here to implement the
use of workflow management tools that might already be in use.
Working from home is now something that has been promoted in many parts of China,
where the practice is less prevalent than in the Western hemisphere, although it is increasing in
popularity. Staff members or managers may not be prepared for the versatility of operating from
home digitally and remotely. Still, a global pandemic such as COVID-19 has placed the need for
it at the center of our consciousness. There are advantages to this in that for certain companies
that have to put in place a whole remote working system as a matter of practicality rather than
worker demand; it may force a ‘trial’ of working from home. To enable working for whole firms

Project Assignment
from home, video conferencing systems are used. The opportunities created by video
conferencing are extremely successful in preventing the spread of viruses and enabling
organizations to move forward, allowing virtual teaching of classes, meetings to take place,
brainstorming strategies to go on and, eventually, business to continue, almost as usual. The
strong reliance on home video conferencing and ‘logging-on’ often requires more significant
internet usage and efficiency that workers do not have access to in their homes. Although
internet demand for providers will represent very different trends, for instance, now coming from
homes and not from the workplace, and this could still cause users some disruption.
Organizations may need to consider providing their workers with specific equipment or
reimbursements for them to complete their position effectively. In being digitally adept, it is
essential to consider the shortcomings associated with such useful instruments for successful
continuity planning. Increasing safety measures applied to and practiced by all those working
from home can help the company prevent any unnecessary hacker attention, while restricting the
number of verification, catch-ups and team meetings that take place while advising workers to
apply social distance and working from home can ensure that they are transparent and succinct
when conversations take place. And do not forget that these check-ins will take place on your
workplace platform for workflow management. Another approach uses applications like Google
Talk for email or Google Hangouts for texts, Slack, or Doc for simply interacting on a text.
In the context of what constitutes “virtually working,” there is a broad range. It may
include those who work from home full-time, part-time telecommuting, and anyone in between.
Based on the amount of time you or co-workers spend working off-site, if they want to achieve
their full capacity and effectiveness, virtual teams have specific needs that need to be addressed.

Project Assignment
Trust-Trust is the basis of any good relationship, and when digitally building
relationships, it is even more important. Even without benefit including day facial interaction
(and any facial communication), the concentrate on building trust needs to be more intentional
for virtual teams, integrity, dignity, care and reliability. Through motivating employees in the
responsibilities, integrity throughout your actions, caring for the formation of individual relations
with colleagues, and transparency via engagement, supervisors, may regain relationships.
Attentiveness-When operating on a virtual team, it is simple to “check out or fly under
the radar. Without the advantage of face to face contact, members of the virtual team must work
extra hard in their verbal and electronic communications to be attentive. Digital team leaders
need to be vigilant in fostering engagement, coping with tension, and rewarding and honoring
team members appropriately.
Communication- With some research, body language adds considerable context to
communication, indicating that it contains more than 55 percent of the message conveyed and
virtual teams miss that unless I highly recommend you use webcams regularly). Members of the
virtual team must diligently focus on their communication tone (compiled and visual) as well as
grow to be even more mindful part of the post being expressed.
Strong and committed Leaders of Teams- It can be difficult to work successfully with a
virtual team because most participants have never had physical contact. This means that it can be
a little difficult to develop a positive relationship in terms of trust and positive relationships
between them. Therefore, great management is essential to ensure the success of virtual teams.
By placing more emphasis on relationship building, displaying excellent communication skills,
and improving emotional intelligence, successful virtual team leaders will help promote trust and
good relationships. Make sure that the leaders are good and committed and have a track record of

Project Assignment


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