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FILM 1F94 Santa Monica College Alice in Wonderland Essay Presentation Outline

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Student Last Name
Student Name
MN Matthews
Film 1, Section 2410
3 December 2017
Directions: Using the following template, create an outline for your final project by filling in
answers specific to your film choice for each of the bullet points.
Note: please be sure there are youtube clips and/or stills for each example you choose to
• Summary of film and director
• Address why film is art (how auteur’s (director as author of film) voice stands out and
sets his/her vision apart via narrative form, mise-en-scene, and another film technique
of your choosing (cinematography, editing, sound).
Narrative Form:
Discuss how the story reflects auteur’s voice
Use specific examples from film that illuminate two (2) of the following:
• Plot and Story
• Cause and Effect
• Time
• Choose a scene from select film to analyze all aspects of mise-en-scene.
o Staging: Acting performance and movement:
o Setting:
o Costume and make up
o Lighting
Additional Film Technique
• Choose an additional film technique covered in Film Art – Cinematography, Editing,
and/or Sound – and show how the filmmaker succeeds as an auteur by:
• Discussing the importance of technique in telling a visual story
• Listing at least two characteristics of technique and providing examples that illustrate
how scenes in the movie reflect the filmmaker’s vision as auteur
Student Last Name
• Summarize why this film, via filmmaker’s vision serve as art
• Summarize how narrative form reflects auteur’s voice
• Summarize how mise-en-scene reflects auteur’s vision
• Summarize how additional film technique (cinematography, editing, sound) reflects
auteur’s vision.
Last name 1
Student Name
Professor Matthews
Film 1, Section ____
Date assignment is due
● Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film ​Schindler’s List ​is an insightful and powerful exploration of
the experiences faced by victims of the Nazis’ Holocaust during the Second World War.
● Spielberg was able to present such a reputation of producing unique films that are
released as movies but have an approach of being more like a documentary. His films
are styled to tell a moving story with historical value and information; this is exactly
what he does in this film. The auteur’s voice stands out in ​Schindler’s List​ and via
narrative form, mise-en-scene, and cinematography.
Narrative Form: Line
Linear Narrative Form Use
● Plot and Story: ​Schindler’s List​ tells the story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman
from Czechoslovakia, who effectively saved the lives of around 1,200 (mostly Polish)
Jews, by keeping them employed in his factories. Schindler (played by Liam Neeson) is a
fascinating figure. A member of the Nazi Party, he’s introduced as a morally depraved
man, initially aiming to profit from the construction of the Krakow ghetto, and willing to
trade on his relationship with the Party to save the 1,200 Jews.
● Cause and Effect: ​System of symbolism through various forms:
o Manipulation of emotion through human catastrophe and a hero like ending
● Time: ​split into three sections as to show the story play out chronologically
o Krakow prior to the liquidation of the ghetto:
o Krakow during the liquidation:
o The incidents that happen after the liquidation:
last name 2
(Young girl in the red coat scene)
o Staging/Acting: Girl in red walking among all these others in black and white amongst the chaos – ​Jewish actors’ accents
o Setting: Throughout entire film, the WWII setting reflects what we know from
history books – in this scene specifically, the liquidation of the ghetto: this scene
and its setting reflects the reality of the ghettos Jewish people lived in and the
process that took place as they were removed and transported to the camps.
o Costume and Makeup: ​most of the costumes for the Jewish people in the movie
are the clothes from 1930s and 1940s of Poland
o Lighting: Lowkey lighting – very dark effect considering the story the film is
portraying – dark, but among the chaos the girl represents a form of life; as a
young girl, she represents the simple symbol/motif of life. ​Later, when Schindler
comes across her body, still dressed in the red coat, in a wheelbarrow after the
excavation of a mass grave, it becomes a symbol of blood and death.
Additional Film Technique
● Cinematography:
● Using a style of low-key lighting the intended effect seeks to highlight the dark
overtones present in the plot and theme of the movie. It ​enables the viewers to look
back to the sad, desperate history and to learn from the unforgettable history
● Black and white color
o Supports historical representation and documentary-like format
o Gives sad and dark effect of story
● Light from candles burning
o affirms the Jewish faith – in the ghetto, hope has been drained. God is absent;
but, But later, when Schindler permits his workers to mark the Sabbath once
again, the flame is lit
● Schindler’s List​ serves as art in film because of the importance behind it. In its entity, it
detects a dreadful ​historical truth with authenticity of the Holocaust through different
film art components using narrative, mise en scene and cinematography techniques.
Last name 3
● Through it’s storyline and chronological time display, various motifs are represented in
the film symbolizing cause and effect and narrating in an almost documentary-like
● With the combination of ​historical elements of setting and costume and design and the
grey lighting, the film looks more like a documentary film that shows the sad history of
● Cinematography played a key and more important role in ​Schindler’s List​’s uniqueness.
It’s black and white editing brought the movie together and emphasized the emotional
aspect of this horrifically beautiful film.

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