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HRMG 5700 Webster University Employment Law Case Analysis

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HRMG 5700 Case Analysis Project Fall
Review the following facts. Write a minimum 5- page to a maximum 7page (double spaced) paper (cover page, reference page and appendices do not count
toward this requirement) in APA format, addressing the issues outlined in the scenario.

Legal Analysis: The paper must identify and discuss all of the applicable
laws and how they apply to each of the five (5) employee situations.

Organization: The paper should be organized around an Introduction, Analysis
and Conclusion with appropriate headings. Do not include an abstract.

APA Format: APA format is required, including a cover page and a separate
reference page. APA citation to information from the textbook is required. APA
citation means in-text citation to information from the textbook, including page
numbers, within the text of the paper. Example: (Bennett-Alexander, 2020).
Better Electronics, Inc. has a 25 million dollar per year business focused on the
sale of consumer electronics products. In the last few years, Better Electronics, Inc.
opened several online stores in an effort to increase product sales.
Soon after the online stores were launched, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.
Technology problems and supply chain issues resulted in a significant decrease in the
company’s profits. As a result, the company decided to close the online stores and
reduce its workforce.
You are the Vice President (VP) of Human Resources (HR) for Better
Electronics, Inc. The President of the company asked you to terminate the employment
for several employees. He has given you a list of people to consider and has charged
you with writing a paper describing which employees to terminate, the reasons for each
termination and the legal risks for each employee in terms of post termination litigation.
“You have to pick 3 employees who will be terminated,” the President ordered.
“Two of the employees can be moved to other positions in the company. Give me your
recommendations in writing. I know you studied Employment Law, so be sure to discuss
the legal issues for each employee.”
Your job as VP of HR: You must terminate three (3) of the following employees.
Two employees may be given new positions in another department in the company.
Marcy James: Marcy is a 36-year-old African American female and a very dynamic
salesperson. Although most of the new division’s sales came from Marcy’s hard work,
she is perceived as overly ambitious and only interested in getting promoted. She is not
a team player although it is widely recognized that she is smart and talented. Marcy is
very active in the local chapter of Black Lives Matter and, on several occasions in the
HRMG 5700 Case Analysis Project Fall
past, has complained on behalf of other employees when she believed they were not
being treated fairly. She has missed two months of work in the last 12 months.
Alexis Chin: Alexis is a 23-year-old Asian-American female. She is a top-notch
software engineer. However, employees find it difficult to work with Alexis. They say that
she is quiet, withdrawn and unsociable. She spends most of the day sitting at her
computer and avoids company social events. Alexis recently told you that she wants to
be taken off all projects where Brett, a part-time contractor, is the project manager.
Brett has repeatedly asked her to go out to dinner with him. When she refuses, he
makes lewd and suggestive remarks. He has threatened to tell her manager that she is
performing poorly on several projects if she does not give in to his demands. Alexis has
missed 1 day of work each week for the last three months. She usually misses Friday the same day as the department’s staff meeting. Brett also attends the staff meetings.
Peter Pearson: Peter is a 38-year-old male who is Caucasian, and originally from
Alabama. His overall track record with the company is average and his productivity is
average. He has been solely responsible for much of the computer programming which
took place in the online stores. He does not have a college degree, but his experience
in the Navy has given him a great deal of practical experience. However, Peter seems
to have an absenteeism problem, missing 18 days in the last two months. Peter has
recently let you know that he suffers from a disease which affects the way he walks. He
feels like others in the company have been treating him differently because of his
Basheer Smith: Basheer is a 34-year-old male and a naturalized American citizen. His
overall track record with the company is above average. His productivity is above the
median although other employees complain that he takes too many breaks. The
employees argue that they work more hours, since Basheer always seems to be away
from his desk. He takes several breaks during the day for prayer and meditation. He has
a Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity from Webster University. His job duties include
maintaining computer systems which will be obsolete after the online stores are closed.
He has never missed a day of work.
Lucy Rice: Lucy is a 65-year-old Caucasian female. She is beloved at the company
for her friendliness and willingness to help others. Lucy is an administrative assistant
assigned to the organization supporting the online stores. Although the venture failed, it
is generally thought that Lucy did a great job in her administrative tasks. She has been
with the company for 30 years and is a widow with a grandson in college. Terminating
Lucy will cause immediate financial hardship for her. She has missed 14 days in the
last two months.
Case Analysis Rubric
Style and
Required Parts
& Correct use of grammar, punctuation and
Raw Score Final Score
Paragraphs discuss 1-2 key points, as
outlined in the opening sentence
Sentences are concise, complete in
thought and vary in structure
Tone is appropriate for scholarly paper
Scoring max
Follows required format.
Human Resources and legal issues for
each employee stated clearly
Introduction outlines main points
Analysis is organized logically around the
topics listed in the introduction
Recommendations are clearly stated
Conclusion flows from the thesis and
summarizes main points
APA Format – Orderly presentation of materials,
following APA format requirements
7th edition
(Cover page, margins, headings, font,
etc.) doublespaced. No abstract.
Proper citations and reference to the
Paper is written in student’s own words,
with limited use of direct quotes. Direct
quotes follow APA format.
Headings/sub-headings used to improve
the flow of the paper
Separate reference page in APA format
Paper demonstrates graduate level
analysis of the scenario with a minimum
of 5 and a maximum of 7 full pages of text
(cover page, reference page, appendices,
do not count)
Content is comprehensive, accurate, and
Paper integrates theory and practice
Identifies applicable law for each
For each employee, there is a detailed
analysis of the applicable law as it applies
to the facts of the scenario
Final recommendations are detailed and
based on synthesis of the facts, law and
human resources management issues
Total =
25.00 out of 25

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