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Medicines and Drug Advertised in The 19th Century Question

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Southern Illinois University Pigs R Us Situation Analysis PPT & Paper

Situational Analysis (20%)Pigs
R Us is a second-generation, family-owned Richmond-based company with
about 400 employees. It slaughters, manufactures, and sells pork food
products. Pigs R Us (PRU) is a low-tech, hands-on, “bricks and mortar”
type of company with solid brand recognition, an impeccable reputation
for high quality and ethical standards. The processes used in
manufacturing are with the highest ISO20002 standards, and the plant is
maintained immaculately. The personnel are comprised of an older
workforce (average employee age is late 40s). There is little staff
turnover, though lately there has been a diverse group of younger
workers joining the company. There has been an impressive record of
speedy state and federal new-product approvals, and solid working
relationships with their large and small customers.The
company prides itself on the close “southern family,” culture of the
business. The company logo features a pig with a smile on its face
surrounded by small pictures of some of its oldest serving employees.
The organization’s structure is “old-fashioned”. It is hierarchical with
rigid management divisions and reporting policies. Research,
manufacturing, and sales and marketing operate in traditional fashion,
with employees reporting to supervisors or mid-level managers. By the
1990s, sales and distribution grew from Richmond into a regional market,
establishing a competitive advantage throughout the US South. Despite
downward economic times in the US and the South, the pork business does
well. This is due largely to the fact that pork is one of the cheaper
meat products and there is a variety of ways it can be prepared.Owned
by the Morris family for the last 60 years, Pigs R Us is a key player
in the Richmond based food industry. Various Morris family members sit
on the board of charities throughout the city and it is not unusual to
see the name at society events. Further, the Company sponsors its own
Little League Team and has built a recreation center and assisted living
facility for the elderly, guaranteeing space for all former 20+ year
veteran workers of the company for free. So, it was no surprise, that
the whole community was devastated when it was announced by the Morris
family that Vance Morris the CEO of Pigs R Us was killed while driving
back from a Pigs R US board meeting. The plant closed for a week to show
respect and to determine how it would function until the family could
make its succession decisions.Vance
Morris was the only son of James and Kathleen Morris. Vance took over
the business 10 years before when his father had a heart attack and
died. Fresh out of graduate school when his father died. He took over
the business that he had known well much to the pleasure and keen eye of
the workers. Vance made some marketing changes that allowed for the
growth of the company and with the help of the employees brought the
plant into its current state. Vance had just gotten married the year
before to a young Richmond artist he had met at one of his charity
benefits. He had no heirs and no plans for succession as he was in his
mid-thirties and had just gotten married. While Vance had cousins in the
area they were all professional people who knew nothing about business
or pork. The workers could only surmise that the company would be sold,
but speculation as to whom it might be did not include someone from out
of the city.Before
the deal was announced publicly, John’s widow, Arleen, reported to the
workers that a Chinese company, Shanghou (SHU), would be buying Pigs R
US. Mrs. Morris assured the workers that the SHU promised not to cut
workers’ wages and benefits, and to keep the current management team in
place. She said that SHU also promised to keep Pigs R US headquarters in
Richmond. Arleen assured the workers that SHU promised that there would
be no changes for the first year and that almost everything would
remain the same. From her talks with SHU, Arleen is a bit worried about
future changes that SHU may implement.SHU
is a large manufacturer and distributor of food and beverages with,
headquarters in Hong Kong. Manufacturing plants operate in mainland
China, and the company has additional offices in Europe and
Australia. By acquiring the smaller, well-respected Pigs R US, SHU aims
to diversify and expand its consumer base by including tailor-made pork
products globally to meet market projections of a customer upsurge in
sustainable, non-beef meats in the next decade. Given SHU’s current
availability of telecommunications software and hardware, the deployment
of the Pigs R US refrigeration trucks should not be an insurmountable
issue. Many
PRU employees, especially the older workers and some of the older
managers, are dispirited about the acquisition, and anxious about
working for foreigners, downsizing, less face-to-face interaction,
language differences, and more electronic systems that are to be put in
place. Some of the more experienced workers are considering a move or an
early retirement due to the ongoing rumors about the acquisition. To
make matters worse, recent news media have printed stories about tainted
food made by other companies in China. Employees fear a loss of
product quality and damage to PRU’s reputation as well as the loss of
the family southern culture that was their pride and joy.SHU
has told PRU workers that for now, most employees will be retained.
However, all employees will be evaluated and reassigned to teams as the
new flat structure is put in place. The new CEO is Harvard-educated
Daniel Chinn. He supports increasing the company’s competitive edge by
discovering and developing existing individual potential through group
collaboration and team synergy. Ever since his days as a brilliant,
hard-driving MBA student; he has been known to be an enthusiastic
supporter of job training and career growth. Like many of SHU’s
employees, David is in his early thirties. He speaks four languages and
is ambitious, self-directed, tech-savvy, accustomed to working
remotely, and experienced with a culturally diverse staff. David is
eager to make his newest acquisition a success. He wants to move
forward on the integration of “Pigs R US’ workers into SHU because Chinn
believes they are the “greatest asset has a rich knowledge base and
experience can be tapped into to bring the company success.” Chinn is
concerned about the mix of culture and how his ideas of incorporating
artificial intelligence and more robotics into the manufacturing
processes will be received by management and the workers at the newly
acquired plant.Project InstructionsThis
project is designed around the hypothetical situation set out above.
It contains three parts: Project 1 Situational Analysis, Project 1:
Intervention Analysis, and Project 3 Evaluation. The completed project
shows the student how the OD worker would apply the OD process and tools
to effectuate change.Scenario The
student will use the following situation that has evolved because of
the buy out to complete each section of the project. Additional facts
will be added to phases two and three of the project to allow students
to complete a typical OD process analysis.Daniel
Chinn is anxious to keep the “southern family” culture of Pigs R Us but
at the same time wants to use the most modern manufacturing techniques.
He decided that the best way to do this was to start a pilot change
operation in the packaging area to demonstrate to the workers the
effectiveness of the technology. He bought and set up for using 3D
printers in the packaging room. The printers were able to create
reusable shipping materials and operate in conjunction with the product
conveyor for fast and easy packaging. He brought in two trained 3D
printer operators from China to handle the work along with two robots
that would move the package material and create shrink-wrapped pallets
for loading on to the trucks.The
current packaging department employs 5 workers on the day shift and 3
newer workers on the night shift. All the day shift workers are in their
early fifties and have been working for Pigs R Us all their lives. John
Mellon, the lead lineman, exemplifies the group. He is 53 years old. He
has a family of three children most all are grown. One works in the
business with him as the manager of the accounting department having
gotten a college degree, unlike his father. John rarely travels out of
state and has never been abroad. He is not terribly familiar with the
technology. He has a Smart TV but his children have set it up for him to
use Netflix. When
the new employees arrived, the packaging staff tried to get to know
them but had little in common and found it hard to communicate with
them. The new workers ate together at lunch and always with the food
they brought with them despite offers of food brought in by the older
employees to show their “southern roots”. Things are strained between
the groups because the older employees thought they were being snubbed
and many are uncertain as to the customs and language unable to
communicate their real feelings. This all operated to create a schism
among the workers which escalated into job performance and employment
commitment issues when the six-month results from the 3D/Robot pilot
showed the following success in favor of new technology.
Measurable Factors Day Shift
3D Printing
Quality Control Problem Ratio (per 500 units)
Training Time (per hour)
Shipping Problems/Damage (per 10,000 units)
Production Problems (per 10,000 units)
Total Number of Pieces Produced per year
Measurable Factors Night Shift
3D Printing
Quality Control Problem Ratio (per 500 units)
Training Time (per hour)
Shipping Problems/Damage (per 10,000 units)
Production Problems (per 10,000 units)
Total Number of Pieces Produced per year
results showed such a marked process improvement with the added benefit
of creating materials that were sustainable. The immediate reaction
among the older workers was fear for their jobs. The new workers
suddenly were the enemy. Chinn was pleased with the new process and
indicated that the 3D printing approach would be continued. The word of
the decision spread among the families in the company and the “southern
family” culture was now closing ranks on the newcomers both in the
packaging room and in the other departments thus confirming their fears
when news of the buyout surfaced.Phase One: Draft Situational AnalysisPurpose:The
purpose of this project is for the student to use a real-life situation
to apply the theories and concepts used to identify and solve
organizational development problems. The student will be asked to create
a full report for CEO David Chin on the challenges resulting from the
changes in the packaging department of Pigs R Us a recent acquisition of
Pinyin foods. They will do this in three stages: the situational,
intervention and evaluation analysis. The report will be comprised of a
composition of all three phases of the project in the form of a
PowerPoint presentation with accompanying voice-over transcript. This phase of the project students will examine OD theory and tools used to conduct an organization and needs analysis.Outcomes:
Identification of OD theories and concepts.
Application of OD theories and concepts.
Understanding of how the application of OD principles will enhance a manager’s ability to encourage organizational effectiveness
Identify the skills and tools a manager can use to encourage sound OD design within an organization.
Enhance communication skills using new technology and writing.
the case scenario and company profile located in the content area of
week three create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint outlining your organizational
and needs analysis as well as recommendations for diagnosing the
situation that now faces the company. Be sure to include the following
concepts for discussion:
Organizational SWOT analysis
Identification of OD challenges represented in the case scenario
at least two approaches of diagnosis (one qualitative, one
quantitative) used in OD explaining your choices and expected outcomes
Required Slides:
Create a slide which Introduces the SWOT analysis
Create a slide that shows the SWOT results in table form.
a slide(s) that Illustrates, with the case study facts and class
material, the conclusions and the reasons for their selection.
Create a slide that describes the current state of the company as supported by the SWOT and its relevance to the scenario.
Create a slide that identifies the OD challenges in the case.
Create a slide that recommends and describes the quantitative approach to diagnosing the situation at Pinyin Foods.
Create a slide that recommends and describes the qualitative approach selection for diagnosing the situation at Pinyin Foods.
a slide that examines the reasons behind the selection of the
quantitative approach and outcomes expected from the application of this
approach to the situation at Pinyin Foods.
a slide that examines the reasons behind the selection of the
qualitative approach and outcomes expected from the application of this
approach to the situation at Pinyin Foods.
Create a slide for any additional approach you wish to discuss using the same format as the required slide discussion.
Create a slide that summarizes the situational analysis including your approach(s) and diagnosis of the situation.
======================Use the following link to learn how to create a PowerPoint: How to Create a PowerPoint Step #1Preparation for Writing the Slides, Notes, and TranscriptsBefore you begin writing the paper, you will read the following requirements that will help you meet all the requirements.
writing is required. Third-person means that there are no words such
as “I, me, my, we, or us” (first-person writing), nor is there use of
“you or your” (second person writing). If uncertain how to write in the
third person, view this link:
Contractions are not used in business writing, so you are expected NOT to use contractions in writing this assignment.
You are expected to paraphrase and NOT use direct quotes.
You are expected to paraphrase, which can be learned by reviewing this link:
You may not use books as source material.
Incorporate visuals when possible, such as tables, clipart, figures, etc.
All in-text citations should provide the page number or paragraph number.
Read the grading rubric for the assignment.
Use the grading rubric while writing the paper to ensure all requirements are met that will lead to the highest possible grade.
Step #2How to Set Up the PowerPoint
The PowerPoint cannot exceed 12 slides.
presentation should be professional in appearance. Consider using
graphics to help illustrate your point. The SWOT table is an example
that is required but you may also use other graphics.
slides should contain short complete sentences highlighting the main
point that will be discussed in detail in the audio/transcript.
the notes for every slide of the entire PowerPoint presentation place
reference lists for those cited within the slide. Nothing else is
Be sure to use in-text citations in the slides.
Slides should flow in terms of organized ideas and presentation should follow the directions.
Step #3 Review the PowerPoint
Read the PowerPoint to ensure all required elements are present.
Use the grading rubric to ensure that you gain the most points possible for this assignment.
Proofread the paper for spelling and grammatical issues and third-person writing.
Read the paper aloud as a first measure.
Use the spell and grammar check in Word as a second measure.
Have someone who has excellent English skills to proof the paper.
submitting the PowerPoint to the Effective Writing Center (EWC). The
EWC will provide 4-6 areas that may need improvement.
Step #4Creating the Audio Transcript
The transcript should be 3-4 pages in length exclusive of the reference page.
The transcript should elaborate on the slides and explain in detail their import.
It is to be grammatically correct and double spaced.
It is to contain in-text citations that match those in the slide.
should also contain in-text citations for all discussion especially for
those points of explanation that are not referenced in the slides
This transcript is meant to represent everything that would be said when presenting the PowerPoint.
The transcript should flow in the same organization and pattern as the slides and be clearly and concisely worded.
transcript should be a reference page that includes the slide
references where appropriate as well as the additional references unique
to the discussion.


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