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Promoting Environmental Sustainability Discussion

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(Promoting Environmental Sustainability)

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(Promoting Environmental Sustainability)

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Governments, organizations, individuals, and communities are proactively dealing with
the implications of Climate Change. However, there are inequalities in the effects of Climate
Change in terms of those communities and regions most affected and whether there is an
obligation to hold those responsible to account. The purpose of this discussion is to identify
specific environmental policies and reforms that will work to achieve environmental
sustainability or the point at which inadequate resources do not endanger our capacity to live.
The need for the environmental policy does not insinuate that everything currently being done
should be thrown away; in fact, most of the proposed policies identified are merely adaptations
from prominent legislation like the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act. However, there is
still a need to identify specific policies based on a core set of principles that everyone can get
Before discussing specific policies or procedures that have an enforcement mechanism
for environmental sustainability, It is crucially important to establish the policy’s principles. A
handful of the universal tenets surround ecological sustainability and prosperity, generally
including the need to promote sound management of the environment while balancing social and
economic development. Therefore, any policy that aims to change a specific behavior (on behalf
of an organization) or enforce a mechanism to prevent environmental degradation must be
established with basic and universally accepted principles in mind. For example, policy should
ensure that the polluter pays, and enforce processes that reduce consumption, and encourage
organizations to recycle and reuse material whenever possible. Similarly, the approach should
ensure that natural resource utilization is done in a wise, controlled, and sustainable manner to
reduce the possibility of waste and maintain the integrity of the ecosystems and processes the
help supports. Moreover, governments and private organizations must work together to promote

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environmental management and conservation while simultaneously ensuring effective
governance through the decentralization of ecosystem management complications.
The only path to environmental sustainability is to change the nature of commerce and,
more importantly, the nature of consumer consumption and materialism. Still, it is essential to
recognize that corporations are profitable only because consumers allow them to be by requiring
the product or service the organization provides. Environmental sustainability policy should
address the economic implications because it is the primary driver by which organizations will
adopt change and subseq…

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