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RSCH 5800 JWU Management Evidence Based Research Paper

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RSCH5800 Week 3 Assignment: Paper
Evidence-based approaches refer to the acquisition and use of the ‘best available evidence.’ The
material this week has presented the Pyramid of Evidence as one method for classifying research for
establishing the credibility of a study. Finding published credible studies can be challenging, but using
the filter (see assigned reading) combined with the JWU Library Databases will make the
process somewhat easier.
This assignment is to identify two credible sources for a specific topic; the first will be a meta-analysis
and the second will be any other credible source. For each source you will; 1) briefly describe the
research and its conclusions and, for the second source 2) describe where it sits on the Pyramid of
Evidence and your reasons for that placement.
Search Instructions:
1. Log into the JWU Library ( and go to the Databases tab
(it may be found in the menu on the left side of the page in Quick Links).
2. Go to Academic Search Complete database.
3. In the line above the first search box (the line starting with jwulibrary) click on the Choose
Databases link. Select the following databases (if available): Academic Search Complete,
Academic Search Elite, Academic Search Premier, Academic Search Ultimate, APA PsychArticles,
Business Source Complete, Business Source Premier, and Business Source Ultimate. Click OK to
return to the search screen.
4. In the Search Options section check:  Apply related words and  Scholarly (Peer Reviewed)
5. Into the first search box at the top of the page copy and paste the search criteria from the
Methodological Search Filters page at
a. For the first source (meta-analysis search) use the first filter.
b. For the second credible source use the second filter.
Note: do NOT enter these both at the same time.
You have now set up the basic set(s) of filters for the search to identify credible sources of information.
Now you need something to search for (a topic of interest).
The topic for this term is [INSTRCTOR INSERT. EXAMPLE: ‘Does Interview format (structure) influence
hire validity (success)?’ That is, are specific interview protocols more successful in identifying higher
quality employees?]
6. There are sufficient phrases/keywords in the description to begin you search. You should enter
your keywords/phrases into separate search boxes at the top of the page.
7. Click the green Search button at the top of the page.
8. Review the list of sources identified:
College of Online Education
Johnson & Wales University
a. If there are no sources identified, you may have to repeat the search using different
b. If the list is large (e.g., over 200 sources), you may want to add additional search criteria
to narrow the number down.
9. Peruse the titles and abstracts of the articles to see which actually provide information on the
topic (‘false positive’ hits are not uncommon, so you will need to check).
10. Download and read what you consider to be the best candidate for this assignment (see the
How to Read an Academic Paper in this week’s material).
If the source you want to use is not immediately available in full-text (i.e., if a link to Check for
Full Text (Providence) appears instead of PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text link) requesting an
interlibrary loan or copy of the article is quite easy and fast. Simply click on the Check for … link
and fill out the form (Harborside Delivery). Be sure to enter your email or phone number and
select your preference, then you will be notified when the article becomes available (often
within 24 hours).
The first article you select (for the second source) may not be the most credible available. You
should identify, based on the methodology described in the paper, where on the Pyramid of
Evidence the study falls. If it is not, at least, a correlational study you should find an article with
greater credibility.
11. For each article you present (one meta-analysis and one other that is highly credible) describe
the knowledge sought, the conclusions as they relate to the research question (above), and the
level of credibility. Provide enough detail (e.g., evidence) that a reader may draw reasonable
conclusions from your summaries.
The paper you submit should contain approximately two pages of text. It must follow APA formatting for
the text, the references and any inline citations. Be sure to include a cover sheet and page numbers and
use appropriate page margins, line spacing, etc.
College of Online Education
Johnson & Wales University

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