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Service Characteristics Provided by Freight Transportation Report

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These services refer to the transportation of cargo and goods from one place to the
other. The main freight transportation modes include railway, trucks, pipeline, marine, and
air, with each method transporting different goods types. The characteristics of the goods
and cargo being transported determine the kind of mode suitable for transportation.
Perishable and high-value goods require air transport and trucks as they require reliability
and a short transportation period. Natural gas and petroleum products are transported
through pipelines, railroads, and marine transport to carry slow-moving low-value goods
such as coal, and trucks tend to take short-distance freight goods. In contrast, the other
modes tend to carry average and long-distance cargo.
It refers to the transportation of people through different means and levels. It is also
referred to as public transportation, and it involves various modes of transportation via air,
road, water, and rail. Passenger transport characteristics include cost, convenience,
accessibility, speed, comfort, and prestige.

A developing country such as Oman requires a transport policy that increases road
safety, stimulates economic development, combat environmental problems, and reduce
traffic congestion. Oman is located in a strategic location of the Arabian Peninsula, and the
transport of goods and people is a critical aspect of the country. The transport and logistics
sector is one of the government’s short-term development plans 2016-2020 to enhance
economic diversification. Transportation is the country’s priority and strategic location.
There is a need to have a transportation policy regulating and integrating the different
modes of transport and its economic policies such as taxation.
2bi. National Competitiveness:
The country is competitively making a transition to an economic base that is
innovatively driven. The country has increased its financial budget to strengthen its
prioritized economic elements to promote competitiveness. The government has given
transport and logistics priority while directing resources to the sector. It is investing in
economic enhancers to encourage its economic role.
2bii. Cost of transport infrastructure
Oman has continued to expand its transport infrastructure, and its growing value is
estimated to be OR1.7bn, equivalent to $4.4bn in 2015, according to figures obtained from
the central bank. Transport infrastructure is a key pillar in its diversification plan. The
national railway project estimated at $14bn will greatly help in transportation.
2biii. to prevent monopolies


Oman introduced a Monopoly prevention law in 2014 prohibiting monopolization
of markets and restrictive agreements. The law outlines different measures for noncompliance. The rule applies to all sectors of trade, services, production, intellectual
property, economic activities, and any other activity that could affect competition. It also
outlines that no agreement or arrangement should be made to conduct a monopolistic
Transportation focuses on the movement of goods and services from one area to
another, while logistics focuses on the lift, handling, packaging, storage, and inventory (De
Palma, André, et al., 9). Transport is a subunit of logistics which focuses on the
management of cargo and goods flow.
This company offers freight forwarding, logistic solutions, and contract logistics
connecting the business, markets, and suppliers globally. The firm provides air, ocean,
road, and multimodal freight solutions to move cargo and goods. The company offers
customs clearance, inventory distribution, brokerage services, PO management, and
warehousing to ensure it runs smoothly.
The company is the largest logistics provider with premier facilities in Oman. Its
logistical system has improved Oman’s traffic environment with multi-temperature storage
warehouses monitored with high- tech machines. It has a modernized fleet operating for
GCC and local deliveries and acts as one of the world’s greatest freight forwarders
conducting brokerage services.


Agility Oman can access the ship dry dock, port, logistics services area, regional
airport, and oil refinery, making it easier to support companies locally and multinational.
With its international experience, local infrastructure, and strategic location with direct
access to the Arabian Peninsula, Agility will contribute to its growth and enable its trade to
the Middle East (Belwal, 7).
Public transport services are not common in Oman, with people preferring private
cars, taxis, and baizes with minimal public transport services. Some cultural practices in
the country make people unable to share available means of transport. In Muscat, the
capital city, people have started sharing vehicles with those from the opposite sex shar…


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