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SU The Value of Fair Treatment in the Workplace Discussion

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Laws In the Workplace

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Laws In the Workplace
Fair treatment of employees simply means that equality is practiced concerning the
amount of pay, privileges, benefits, accommodating the disabled, vacation, and amount of work
given. Fair treatment of employees in the workplace is ensured by the Fair Labor Standards
Act that provides explicitly they have a right to take action against any unfair concerns. The
law enables those with less power to have the ability to oversee any inappropriate treatment or
illegal firing of the employees. The employees are supposed to receive wages that reflect the
skills offered and the amount of work provided. Discrimination of employees based on the
common factors of race, sexuality, shy-natured people, being a member of the LGBTQ
community, being a former inmate or convict, or being a veteran and active military is illegal,
and any victim has the right to sue the involved person.
Rights of the employees
Fair treatment of employees consists of the employer ensuring that the rights of the
employees are respected. A lot of people tend to confuse appropriate treatment and equal
treatment, which do not mean the same thing. One of the significant aspects of fair treatment
is ensuring that all employees have their right to privacy and confidentiality. Employees are
obliged to deny a drug test if it was not part of the agreement. Another request is the one
concerning the employee’s information by an external person or organization. Companies
should ensure total protection of the information stored in the company’s computer system.
Any release of information regarding the employee is illegal, and consequences should follow
to the concerned authority. Employees have the right to specific information concerning the
company expectations and prohibitions available in the manual.
Wages and overtime pay which are apparently the significant factors affecting
employees working in private and public ventures, are protected by the Fair Labor Standards
Act, which is usually administered by the wage and hour division. The act clearly states that


employers should pay employees who are not exempt from the exact salary agreed and ensure
their overtime is fully compensated. The act also highlights the minimum age required for one
to work in any particular field. Employees must have attained a minimum age of sixteen years
and above for any agriculturally based business because it may influence school hours. Jobs
that are dimmed to be dangerous or anything of the sort inhibits any employment of anyone
under the age of eighteen. The act also highlights the labor standards concerning immigration
and nationality. These laws are involved in protecting those people from different countries but
working in a new nationality.
Ensuring good health of employees
The employees’ health is also significant both to the company and the employees. The
medical care of the maritime employees is compensated by the Longshore and Harbor Workers
Compensation Act. It states that people working at the harbor and the people who gained a
body informality or injuries at or near the waters. This means that if anyone is injured or dies
on the waters caused by an inconvenience on the waters, he deserves fair compensation
whatsoever. People working at the department of energy and the concerned contractors are well
protected by the illness compensation act. The act clearly states a compensation amounting to
150,000$ because of the exposure to beryllium or silica, which are significant causes of cancer.
Another lump-sum of 50,000 is given as medical benefits to employees that are exposed to
uranium which makes them prone to radiation. If an employee is injured in the line of duty or
when performing company tasks, he/she deserves compensation following the federal
employee’s compensation act. A severe accident that results in disability is also a factor
included in the act. For instance, coal miners that are disabled as a result of pneumoconiosis
(black lung disease) are usually awarded monthly cash payments and particular medical
privileges to at least compensate for the inconvenience.


Role of managers in promoting fairness
Managers have a role in ensuring the workplace has a just mood, and fairness is the
driving principle in the workplace. Executives should ensure that they always avoid showing
any form of favoritism regardless of the relationship. All the employees should get a similar
level of supervision, encouragement, and respect as well. Promotion and any form of
acknowledgment should be done based on the qualification and how well th…

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