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Theatrical Dance Stage and Screen All That Jazz by Chita Rivera Analysis HW

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Title: All That Jazz

Choreographer: Jackie Riedel

Music: “All That Jazz”by Chita Rivera, “Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag”by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger, and Taye Diggs

Dancers: Yessenia Buezo-Muñoz, Nicolette Hill, Tabitha Hill, Jade James, Amira Murphy, Elizabeth Perez, Jackie Riedel

Dance origin and description:
Musical Theater was first introduced in Europe, creating a shift away from traditional theater and adding a whole new level to the way productions were created. Over time, it began to make its way into the US, particularly through the popularity of cabarets and burlesque in urban cities such as New York and Chicago. Musical theater then continued on pushing a new movement of song and dance paving the way for innovative theater productions such as Chicago, West Side Story, as well as other headlining shows currently on Broadway.

“Let’s give’em the Old RAZZLE DAZZLE” – Chicago


All papers must be minimum 2 pages, maximum 4 pages.

Use correct tense when writing about something you have already seen.•

Use spell check and proof read your work. •

Times New Roman 12 font, double space, 1” margin, aligned left.

Your paper should be written according to the following:

.The opening paragraph should name the performance, the date you saw the performance and the name of the theater. It should give a brief overview of the performance such as “There were twelve dance works presented, each about different feelings and unrelated to each other” •Context: provides history when needed, to help the reader understand the value of the work.•Descriptive language: describe what you saw-themes, content:o Do not merely describe the stage action. For example do not write: “three dancers came onstage and danced in the center followed by a solo by the lead dancer. Afterward, the entire group came on stage and danced together”. Instead tell your reader how the dancers were moving (intrinsic elements), how the movements made you feel as a viewer (extrinsic elements)and what you thought the intention of the dance was (extrinsic elements). oIntrinsic Elements: Inherent elements that belong to the essential nature of the dance (an objective interpretation). These elements include: !Type of movement (sharp, soft, light, heavy, bound, free) !Use of space (high, low, middle, expanded, compressed) !Tempo of movement/music (fast, slow, moderate) !Costumes, scenery/setting, lighting, make-up oExtrinsic Elements: Elements originating from the outside of the dance (your subjective interpretation). These elements include: !The viewer’s subjective interpretation of the dance (what you thought the dance was about –what you thought the intention of the choreographer was). !How the dance made you feel. !What you thought the dancers were feeling. •Personal Perspective:oHow you as the reviewer responded to the video, and supporting examples to WHY you had the reaction, for example: if you like or dislike, briefly state why you liked it or disliked it. Make sure to give specific examples to validate your opinion of why you felt that way.oWas the choreography imaginative?oDid it communicate something? If so, what?oWere there vague points to the story or theme?•How did the dances you observed relate to what you have learned about dance in this course? Apply any applicable information and/or theories from this course:oYou may recognize a style or genre of movement that we studied and choose to reference it when appropriate. For example:the theories on gender, sexuality, other social issues.)oWhat you learned from this experience in the humanities.


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