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University Industry Standards Paper

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Industry Standards
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Industry Standards
The outbreak of COVID-19 in Australia has made the alcohol companies take
advantage of the situation to market alcoholic products. The alcohol consumption rate in
Australis increased to help people deal with stress and anxiety that came along with the
pandemic. The survival kits from the alcohol industry have been made available during the
crisis. The theme that dominates the advertisements and alcohol promotions is that they
encourage people to consume alcohol to manage and cope with COVID-19. In Australia, they
are regarded as unethical marketing trends. The advertising and promotions on different
platforms made the foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE)’s chief
executive, Caterina Giorgi called the ads concerning and abhorrent.
Against what Laws in Australia?
According to the article Australia: Shocking COVID-19-Theme Alcohol Marketing
(2020) advertising code, the ads were themed illegal, the Alcohol Beverage Advertising Code
(ABAC) found out that the Thirsty Camel store in Western Australis breached advertising
rules by joking about excessive consumption when people are in isolation. In Australia, if an
alcohol company designed a strategy that aims at promoting more alcohol consumption
during this pandemic period, it is a violation of one of ABAC standards. There is no way an
advert alcohol consumption can help the body relax. No one or company is allowed to
advocate for excessive consumption of alcohol or any negative behavior related to alcohol.
Alcohol advertisements expose the risk populations such as children causing harm to people
making ABAC fail in protecting people from unethical marketing of alcohol. There were
complaints that the emergency services in the country were overburdened because there is no
strong policy to prevent or reduce the consumption of alcohol that is increasingly causing
harm. For Australis to save people, they must implement an evidence-based and cost-

effective policy. FARE called for the prohibition of unethical advertisements that referenced
COVID-19 in their promotional content. FARE emphasizes that the government should
address the alcohol industry because of an increase in unethical market practices.

Against what Laws in the US? Why?
In the United States, Colson Moors removed an advertisement for Coors Light that
was encouraging working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic. The alcoholic
company pulled the ad down because they feared that the spot seemed to make light on the
people who were self-quarantining because of coronavirus. The U.S laws emphasize
individual health; therefore, integrating such an ad to encourage consumption of alcohol
would have a devastating effect on health as the government was trying to deal with a health
crisis that has caused overcrowding in the emergency section (Thornton, 2020). Promoting
alcohol during the pandemic and taking advantage of it would have a devastating effect on
people. Health will be compromised; further, Coors Light pulled down its advertisement
because they feared they could further increase the COVID-19 crisis.
Against what Alcohol advertising industry standards (Australia & US)
The community standards regulate concerns raised about standard ethics that
encourage excess or unsafe alcohol consumption to promote health among the populations as
they battle COVID-19. Unethical marketing strategies should be discouraged to avoid
compromising the coronavirus outbreak. The countries’ governments should regulate how
companies advertise their products and target the right audience. Children and other people
should be protected because their health is important. Taking advantage of the coronavirus
situation to promote ads that encourage people to drink alcohol is against ethics because
excessive consumption would make the body have more health issues due to the pandemic.

In both countries, existing regulations should be modified and support the

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