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Week 4 – Discussion
Film Discussions
List_Nathan Pri%s_2020.0625
‘ Download
11/23/2021 – UAGC Underg…

This is a graded discussion: 10 points possible
due Dec 16
15 18
Week 4 – Discussion 1
Course Policies
Your ini!al discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have un!l Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the
Film Refer to the
quality of your ini!al post and the depth of your responses.
Discussion Forum Grading Rubric under the Se”ngs icon above for guidance on
how your discussion will be evaluated.
Wri!ng Center &
This discussion forum will be assessed on a 10-point scale and is worth 5% of your final grade.
Course Resources
AFI defines the “Gangster film” as a genre that centers on organized crime or
a your
Prior to beginning work on this discussionmaverick
forum, read
Chapter in
4 in
Mise-en-Scène: Actors in the Frame [WLO: 1] [CLO: 2]
The Godfather
As we have been discussing,
mise-en-scène is the use
of a variety of design elements to create the visual theme of a film. As you prepare
to write this discussion, The
take Godfather
a few moments
Part to
II do the
White Heat
Review the grading rubric
for this discussion.1949
and Clydechoices 1967
Select a film from this
list of approved
Note: If you would like to write about a film that is not on this list, you must email your professor for approval in advance or you may not
Pulp Fiction
receive credit on this discussion.
The Public Enemy
Little Caesar
Student Support
Mise-en-scène refers to different technical elements used in making a film, some of which you have already analyzed in this course. The
term also encompasses the
role of actors in a film, their costuming and makeup, their physical posi!oning and movements within the
frame, as well as the different styles of ac!ng performance.
AFI defines “mystery” as a genre that revolves around the solution of a crime.
Consider the ways in which the cas!ng of specific actors, their makeup and costumes, their placement in chosen scenes, and how they
Year and develop the characters within the story.
interact with their environment onFilm
set are used to establish
Write (due Thursday, DayChinatown
Rear Window
In your ini!al post of at least 200 words, and using specific examples from your chosen film,
Iden!fy three actors from your film and their style of ac!ng in this film.
Compare their performance in this film in rela!on to other performances.
Analyze how the actors’ choices impact the development of each character.
Describe how costuming and makeup contribute to the actor’s performance. Is it realis!c, stylized, or fantas!cal?
Focus on one of the actors you have discussed. Based on other films the actor has been in, would you consider this actor typecast or
broad-ranging in his/her performances? If so, what does this say about the genre of film or the actor? If not, what can you infer about
the flexibility of these categories? Provide evidence (references from other films, including film clips and s!lls) to support your
You must use at least two outside sources, in any combina!on of embedded video clips, s!ll photos, or scholarly sources. All sources
should be documented in APA style as outlined by the University of Arizona Global Campus Wri!ng Center . Please view the video
Pos!ng in a Discussion in Canvas for guidance on how to integrate mul!media with your response.
Guided Response (due Monday, Day 7): Respond substan!vely (150 to 175 words) to at least two classmates who chose different actors
or different categories than you did. In your responses, reference your ini!al post and show how your ideas relate to those of your peers,
extending the discussion. Provide support for your posi!on. Substan!ve responses use theory, research, experience, and/or examples to
support ideas and elaborate on the discussion topic.
Search entries or author
& Subscribe
# Reply
Robin Hebert

‘”To Kill a Mockingbird is the film I chose, and my three actors are Gregory Peck, who played A”cus Finch, Robert Duvall as Boo Radley, and Mary
Badham, who played Scout Finch. Gregory Peck was a widely respected actor in the the1940ss and 1960s. Mr. Peck played in many leading roles,
including The Keys of Kingdom. Peck stared in over 40 films and took on a leading part. Although To Kill a Mockingbird was not Peck’s first role, he was
considered star power. Mary Badham ( Scout Finch) had no ac!ng experience, and her performance earned her an Oscar nomina!on. Badham had a
few other roles during her short career, but I think she may have been more of a realis!c actor and fit the part of a child very well. Finally, Robert
Duvall, who played (Boo Radley), had a fantas!c career. His role as Tom Hagen in The Godfather was that his years of ac!ng school and learning the
cra$ would pay off. Both Peck and Duvall were model actors who extended their careers. Mary Badham went on the play in childlike roles, altering her
The performance of each of these actors appeared to be realis!c in this film. The mise-en-scene was very generic because of the age of the film, and
each character portrayed seemed very real versus ar!ficial. For example, when I focused on one of my characters, It was clear that Mary Badham
typecast into the role of a child; see the criteria below.
The genre of films that Mary Badham was best known for included thrillers, drama, and mystery. She is best known for her role in To Kill a Mockingbird.
It was clear this actor would not be staring in a broad range of films like her two counterparts. When an actor repeatedly; plays the same role, it can be
detrimental to their career. Mary did not have any ac!ng experience before To Kill a Mockingbird, and neither did Robert Duvall.
GradeSaver “To Kill a Mocking Bird (film) Cast List” 13 December 2021
Duvall, R (August 2021) Robert Duvall on Ac!ng Cas!ng Fron!er
# Reply
Shawn Custer (she/her/hers

You have explained who the actors are in your post, but you don’t clearly address “their costuming and makeup, their physical posi!oning and movements
within the frame, as well as the different styles of ac!ng performance” as it relates to their roles in this par!cular film. I’d love for you to come back and give
some more detail on those specific things.
I’d also love to read more about your thoughts on typecas!ng. For example, I am not sure that someone can be “typecast” as a child when they are, in fact, a
child. “Thrillers, drama, and mystery” can be very different types of films, and the roles within those films can also be quite different. For example, Neve
Campell and Ma%hew Lillard were both in the horror film Scream, but their roles are completely different. The best way to analyze whether an actor has
been “typecast” is to look at their range of roles, rather than at the types of films they usually appear in. What, exactly, are you trying to say here with
regards to Mary Badham?
Ms. Custer
# Reply
Robin Hebert

Ms. Custer
The Mise-en-scene for To Kill a Mocking Bird takes place in rural Alabama, giving the audience a feel of a more simple !me. Each of the three
characters’ costumes transformed the actors into their roles. For instance, A”cus Finch wore a suit for most of the film depic!ng him as a lawyer.
Mary Badham ( Scout ) has her bid overhauls throughout the movie except for one scene. Her costume gives this character the feel of a tomboyish girl.
Finally, Robert Duval (Boo) is a mystery character and makes one appearance with a simple outfit. In this produc!on, the director designed all
characters to look their part. The film did not have a lot of prosthe!cs or makeup, which gave the film a feeling of realism. The ac!ng style was natural
by all three characters bringing the audience into mise-en-scene. The film gave me a sense of real human ac!on.
Regarding Mary Badham, I feel that she was playing a child in most of her roles, which could have hindered her career. In addi!on, I thought this was a
form of typecas!ng in which an actor becomes known for one part, and it is hard for a director to cast them in another.
# Reply
Janet Mcfadden

Janet McFadden
ENG225 Week 4 discussion
Mise-en-Scène: Actors in the Frame [WLO: 1] [CLO: 2]
Hello class,
For the week four discussion post, I chose Silence of the Lambs. In the film Silence of the lambs, the three main actors/caricatures are Clarice Starling,
played by (Jody Foster), Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), James Grumb, and Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine).
Lector & Jodie Foster as Agent Clarice Starling.
Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal
Antony Hopkins is a wild card actor in the silence of the Lambs. He can portray many different people from a calm Dr. to a cannibalis!c psycho within
minutes of each other in this movie. Anthony Hopkins can act on several categories. He fits into the category of impersonator in his portrayal of former
President Richard Nixon in the film Nixon. Looking back at his portrayal of Odin in the Thor movies, Hopkins plays a stern but loving father. Hannibal’s
makeup and the costume fit the part he is portraying in The Silence of the Lambs; he looks astute even though he is in prison clothes.
Jody Foster is more of a personality actor in this film. The personality actor summonses their own “personality” and idiosyncrasies when ac!ng. As a
result, we get a sense of who the actor is in almost every role they play. Jody Foster has a consistent style that tends to come across as “slightly eli!st,
vulnerable, and dedicated” (Enk, 2014). Carice’s makeup and the costume fit the part she plays in the Silence of the Lambs with meek and mild clothing
and makeup.
Ted Levine as Wild Bill/James Grumb.
Ted Levine is a character actor in the film Silence of the Lambs. He plays two different people in the film. Ted Lavine can fit invisibly into a variety of
characters. He plays a psycho and is so terrifying that his character has cult status. Levine’s makeup and costumes for this movie are abnormal and fit
his part perfectly. He wears women’s makeup and women’s clothes during the film.
Anthony Hopkins is a broad-ranging actor; he is flexible and able to play various characters in films; for instance, he plays Odin in Thor and Thor: The
Dark World, stern, but loving father, then plays a psycho in Silence of the Lambs.
IMDb (2014). The Silence of the Lambs (1991). Retrieved December 14, 2021, from h%p://!tle/%0102926/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_60
Enk, B. (2014, March 20). The 50 Greatest Actors Alive: No. 42 Jodie Foster. Retrieved December 14, 2021, from
# Reply
Sherve!e Mackey

Hello Janet,
Silence of the Lambs is such a great movie not just because of its interes!ng wri!ng and premise but also the way they chose to portray Hannibal. As most
movies would have done is that they would have chosen someone who sounds terrifying or has a physique that gives off a par!cular presence, but they
chose the other one around. I agree with you as Anthony Hopkins performs not just through the brilliant use of the script but also he uses the slight
movement of his body, hands, eyes, and tone of voice to control not just the person who he is talking to but also the audience’s emo!ons. This technique is
evident in his other performances as well, like in Westworld where he is always in control no ma%er what the situa!on is and how he uses everyone and
everything including the world to his use. Just when he kills the guard and uses his face to present himself as the vic!m and leaves the building without
having to jump off a ledge like a usual movie would have done, that wri!ng and planning is just out of this world.
# Reply
Hailey Nolen

Hello Janet,
Playing many different styles from the movie I chose the choice of ac!ng was method and realism ac!ng. These two types of ac!ng make a movie seem
more real and like the people are real. By using this type of ac!ng it makes the movie easier to follow as it seems as though you are following along with
someone’s life story. It makes it easier to engage and watch and learn from the movie. Usually these movies are somewhat based upon true stories. With
your movie it seems as though quite a lot of styles were used. I would point out as it sounds mainly like stylized ac!ng as you would just assume that
though the whole movie that the actor is just ac!ng. It seems as more that they are ac!ng and telling a story and you know thats what is going on and
# Reply
Shantanea Mclean

Good a$ernoon class,
The film Hidden Figures (2016) stars Janelle Monae, Taraji P. Henson, and Octavia Spencer, telling the story of three African-American women during
the 1960’s era working at NASA as mathema!cians to help launch man into space.
Being that this is a true story, they use naturalis!c ac!ng or realism to portray the story as close to how it happens as they could. I want to think that
they also used method ac!ng, pulling from their own experiences and memories, believing that these women may have encountered sexism and racism
in their own lives or careers (Goodykoontz, 2019, p.4.4).
In this film, all three stars play brilliant mathema!cians in the six!es. However, in Acrimony (2018), Henson plays a furious and deranged wife who
seeks revenge on her ex-husband. Spencer acts as a lonely older woman who becomes obsessed with her newfound teenage friends in Ma (2019).
Lastly, Monae stars in the horror film Antebellum (2020) as a respected author who escapes from a horrific slave planta!on in what seems like an
alternate reality. All three films are dras!cally different from one another and their performances in Hidden Figures (2016).
Each actor adds a personality to each character. Monae is known as the sassy one who demonstrates that !me and !me again throughout the film, like
telling a police officer, “We didn’t pick the place officer, the place picked us” when he men!ons it was not a good area for them to be stranded. (20th
Century Studios, 0:30).
This film s!cks to realism with costumes, hair, and makeup, which takes us back into !me with them. The women are dressed in swing dresses,
cardigans, pearls or beaded necklaces, and low heels. They have !ghtly curled hair along with bold pops of color for their lips!ck on top of a 1957
Chevrolet Bel Air to drive. It all fits; that was the !me.
Taraji P. Henson is a broad-ranging actor who has starred in numerous films such as What Men Want (2019), Think Like a Man (2012, 2014), No Good
Deed (2014), Hustle and Flow (2005), along with Acrimony (2018) as men!oned, and several others. Henson played a sports agent who was not
awarded the promo!on from her male boss. She goes to a psychic to get answers on how to succeed in the business and ends up hearing mens’
thoughts in the lighthearted comedy What Men Want (2019). In the 2005 film Hustle and Flow, Henson plays the girlfriend of an almost 40-year-old
struggling pimp aspiring to be a musician. She has worked in comedy, thriller, romance, drama, and anima!on films, showing that she can take on any
Goodykoontz, B., Jacobs, C. P., Meetze, J., & Pri%s, N. (2019). Film: From watching to seeing (3rd ed.)
20th Century Studios. (2017, May 3). Hidden Figures | “Car Trouble” Extended Clip | 20th Century FOX [Video]. YouTube.
# Reply

Shantanea Mclean

Sorry class,
I failed to put several of my movie !tles in Italics!
# Reply
Joshua Cordova

The movie chosen is The Hate U Give. In this film, the three actors that stood out to me with their performances are Amandla Stenberg who played Starr
Carter, Russell Hornsby who played Maverick Carter, and K.J. Apa who played Chris (Starr’s boyfriend). What intrigued me about Apa’s style of ac!ng is
that he used the classical style of ac!ng. Apa was cast a$er the fact the film lost the original actor who played Chris. Apa was able to immerse himself
into the mindset of his character to fulfill the role. The style of ac!ng from Stenberg and Hornsby can be described as the method ac!ng technique. As
per Project Cas!ng (2021), “Method Ac!ng is described as a form of ac!ng where the actor mys!cally ‘becomes’ the character or tries to live the role
in life somehow literally.” This allowed Stenberg and Hornsby to understand the roles they played as they lived through them. This worked well for their
dynamic as father and daughter. Stenberg gave a quote sta!ng that the mentorship provided by Hornsby was valuable and it displayed paralleling
rela!onship between their characters (Agrawal, 2018). The costumes and makeup for the actors in this film are realis!c. It helps the actors provide a
genuine approach to daily life for the characters they are playing.
Stenberg in my eyes is not a typecast actor, due to the nature of the films she has been in. She is able to adapt to the different genres of films.
Agrawal, A. (2018, October 26). Actors of ‘The Hate U Give’ Speak on Importance of Drawing From Own Experiences. The Daily Californian.
Project Cas!ng. (2021, September 29). 5 Ac!ng Techniques You NEED to Know If You Want to Become an Actor.
# Reply
Carter Deutsch

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well thus far! For this week I decided to choose the film “Titanic.” The three actors in this film include Leonardo
DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Billy Zane. I would say that Leo and Kate u!lize the realis!c method ac!ng in this film instead of stylized ac!ng. Billy Zane
uses stylized ac!ng. This style of ac!ng help make the characters more relatable and genuine. An example I remember from the movie is the scene
when Jack first meets Rose as she’s about to a%empt suicide. Jack’s reac!on is how most people would react in that situa!on making it realis!c
method ac!ng. Rose displays this ac!ng type by rela!ng to a lot of humans, she isn’t happy that she is being forced to marry Cal (Billy Zane). This is the
reasoning behind her wan!ng to a%empt suicide. Very natural human emo!on in a situa!on like that. Zane uses stylized ac!ng which “is used when
actors and directors want to call a%en!on to the fact that actor is, indeed, ac!ng (Goodykoontz., B,. Jacobs, C.P., 2014). Zane shows this style by being
kind of arrogant and self centered throughout the movie. He acts arrogant towards most of the characters.
Leonardo DiCaprio is a very well known actor who as played many different roles with different characters. In my opinion, Leo is a typecast actor as his
roles are fairly similar both in genre and how he acts. In my opinion, this shows that he plays a serious role in films very well as most of his movies are
dramas or real life events.
– Carter
# Reply
Sherve!e Mackey

Dear Carter,
Titanic is a movie that could have been a disaster, as the expecta!on in such movies is that they either get wrapped up in the facts or the presenta!on of
facts that they lose the premise or become uninteres!ng as their ending is already known by the audience. Titanic saves it from such fate by giving freedom
to its characters and the world of !tanic is presented as that of a real society with its discrimina!ons, gatherings, interac!ons and that same difference is
presented at the end when the people have to face death right in the face and they have to decide whether they flee or accept their fate. The choice of
making the narra!ve more loving and interes!ng and the stylized ac!ng which you men!oned aids the characters by giving a more familiar tone to the
situa!on and the environment to the movie and the characters.
# Reply
Hailey Nolen

Hello Carter,
From the movie that I chose the actress used the realis!c method but not the stylized method of ac!ng. The style of ac!ng is impor!ng due to if they chose
a different style of ac!ng it could throw off the whole style of the movie especially !tanic. The actors are playing roles based on real people if they do not
stay true to who the people they are playing then the movie could be thrown off course and not make any sense at all. Realis!c ac!ng is great for this as it
makes sure the actors stay true to those of the true people. Stylized ac!ng how ever is different as this peroson is just ac!ng and they want you to know
that they are just ac!ng. If Billy Zane would have been playing a real person and there would have been a need for realis!c ac!ng but in this case it was not
# Reply
Robin Hebert

The film I chose was To Kill a Mockingbird. The style of ac!ng also seemed to fit realis!c drama. However, the Mise-en-scene was very simplis!c in rural
Alabama in the 1930s. Do you think this film relied heavily on dialogue to define the characters? I watched the Titanic several !mes. I thought many
elements of that par!cular mise-en-scene helped guide the story very well. I felt the same way about my chosen film. When watching the Titanic employing
some of this week’s reading material, this movie had an unbelievable set design, and it was also very realis!c. Leonardo Dicaprio’s role in the film The
Revenant was vastly different from his role in the Titanic. I would like to hear more about why you think this actor is a typecast actor? I thought the same
about Mary Badham, who played Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird. I believe her early success as a child star played a role in becoming a typecast actor. DiCaprio
began his career ac!ng as a child but went on to become a star in many other films
# Reply
Siniva M Latu

Hello Class,
The film I chose is The Ten Commandments. The three actors I have come across first it was Charlton Heston ac!ng as Moses, the next actor was John
Carradine ac!ng as Aaron, and the third one is Olive Deering ac!ng as Miriam. Charlton Heston his performance in this film is a lot different he is a
holy man in this film he was a man of God. It looks realis!c, I am a Chris!an and I know a lot about this film and how it bears witness on that there is a
living God who gave us life and the wisdom we have had use to do all that we do so far. John Carradine he is a humble man who in this film help out
his brother to lead the people of God across the red sea. In the movie Dracula is mainly stylized they try to make it look realis!c. Charlton Heston’s
choices impacted all the characters development to become obedient to all the commandments even though they were disobedient at some point.
Even if all of them were from different background their performances as siblings in this film is such a good presenta!on of type cas!ng and realism.
The costuming and make up have contributed a lot to the performance of Charlton Heston being a man of God in that robe represents he is a leader
with his staff and how he represents himself within this film. It makes it look realis!c and fantas!cal. When I first saw this movie, it was a refresh of
memories from what I have learn in church and while reading about it in the Holy Bible. He is a type cas!ng in his performance in this film. It is saying
that the genre of film can be Biblical or any other type of genre of film he makes it look realis!c in his performance and in the Planet of the Abes was
more of stylized because in real life we can’t be enslaved by no kind of creatures, but to keep God’s Commandments as it is the key element and key
plot of the story is for everyone to obey God’s commandments.
# Reply
Robin Hebert

The film you chose is so different from my choice. My choice was To Kill a Mockingbird , and the Mise-en-scene was very simplis!c, and all the characters
seemed very natural in their ac!ng style. Did you think your film portrayed a realis!c or more stylized form of ac!ng? Also, the making of your movie used a
fantas!cal set design. The film had a lot of star power featured. Did they help create the costumes designed and impact the props used? In my par!cular
film, the mise-en-scene relied more on the natural se”ng of rural Alabama in the 1930s. The characters blended in without the use of extraordinary makeup or costumes. I believe it gave the film more of a feel of reality. Do you think the mise-en-scene was a li%le unrealis!c in any part of the film? Charlton
Heston played in many movies, and the Ten Commandments were a huge hit.
# Reply
Sherve!e Mackey

Hello Everyone,
The film I chose from the list is Lord of the Rings (hard to do as the list had so many of my favourites). The three characters that I have chosen for
discussion are Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins, Ian McKellen as Gandalf, and Andy Serkis as Gollum. The three are chosen as their performances are so
unique and different to one another and mostly from anyone else in the film. Frodo is presented as the usual protagonist of the series early on but in
his performance, he presents fragility and growing physical and mental weakness as the story progresses, to show the audience the gripping power the
ring has when the user resists its tempta!on. Gandalf, his character is portrayed as the wisest and one who has the most knowledge regarding worldly
affairs. Gandalf’s performance is unique as throughout the three movies the non-verbal cues such as his movement of the eyes, using his stare to show
doubt and understanding and his character was not rigid as he had to show kindness and toughness at the same !me and Ian McKellen pulled it off
brilliantly, especially when he took down a Balrog, quo!ng the famous line, “You shall not Pass”. Gollum on the other hand was portrayed brilliantly by
Andy Serkis, as he showed the audience the effect the tempta!on of the ring can have on a person by showing us the greed, tempta!on and hatred for
anyone who would try and steal it. Andy Serkis accomplished this not just by brilliantly ac!ng and voicing Gollums iconic tone but also adap!ng to the
mo!on capture.
All the three characters have one thing in common in the movie, as they never looked back on their goal, as Gollum died figh!ng for the ring, Frodo
con!nued with his duty even though he had to leave everyone behind except Sam, who took him to the fire that could destroy the ring, and finally,
Gandalf whose choice to fight the Balrog allowed him to become Gandalf the White enabling him to take on Saruman and play a bigger role gathering
The costumes were fantas!cal as they are used to show the thousands of years in the past. Gollums bare and extremely skinny a”re is done through
mo!on capture to make the audience feel the discomfort and unusual state of the person without defining their past, Gandalfs giant beard, height,
clothing, age and staff present us the usual wizarding look that people have a%ributed to the word “wizard”, so as not to ques!on his character’s
background. Finally, Frodos short height and the clothing is work-pants, shirt and suspenders and a vest or jacket are shown to represent u!litarianism
as most of the hobbits are farmers.
Ian McKellen when compared with his past movies such as the X-men in which his character is also shown to be powerful and has unique traits and
posi!on as the leader of the opposi!on that plans to take down the human dominion of the world. His character is not presented is neither good or evil
but mostly as the one who only thinks he had the best of what the Mutants want.
# Reply
Hailey Nolen

Week 4 discussion post 1
For this weeks film I chose Hidden Figures. The three main actresses in this film are, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe. These
actresses used a combina!on of realis!c ac!ng and method ac!ng through out this movie. Their performances in this film were amazing to me they did
this very well. To portray these women so well they did amazing. They portrayed the real life women so well and to me they made the movie feel like it
was the true women and showed the struggles that they went though. How the actresses chose to play these roles is very crucial. This movie is based
on real people so making sure that they played the women how they would have acted was very important. You wouldn’t want to missenterpreted how
the women would have acted or been liked. The costuming and makeup is realis!c to the !me period. If they would have used modern clothing it
would not have made sense and it would have stuck out and drawn away from the story line if they clothing didn’t make sense. I would say that at least
all three actresses have a very large range of different films that they have been in.
Reference (n.d.). Janelle Monáe. IMDb. Retrieved December 15, 2021, from h%ps:// (n.d.). Octavia spencer. IMDb. Retrieved December 15, 2021, from h%ps:// (n.d.). Taraji P. Henson. IMDb. Retrieved December 15, 2021, from h%ps://
Types of Ac!ng. Log on to Constella!on. (n.d.). Retrieved December 15, 2021, from
# Reply
Devlin Kosoff

Good a$ernoon class since it’s that !me of year again I decided to choose a film that fits the fes!ve mood 2000 How the grinch stole Christmas cast
by Jim carry, Taylor Monsen, and Jeffrey Tambor. Carry seems to fit the method ac!ng a li%le harder than most in this film I believe that hits harder
considering he is a comedian so he is able to draw on that experience and apply it to a scene to make it funny. Come to find out one of my favorite
improved scenes was done by accident when grinch tries to pull the table cloth off the table all the pots were supposed to come down instead of
leaving it to carry jumps back in and throws everything to the floor. Miss Taylor Momsen was a child when this film was made, I believe she u!lized a
realis!c method of ac!ng since a child generally doesn’t have the experience to back up effec!ve stylized ac!ng it makes more sense to have a realis!c
approach to ac!ng. Jeff Tambor I would say is a stylized actor for a lot of the same reasons carry is they are both comedians and have done work
outside film and stage comedy Tambo has done voice ac!ng for tv shows to include SpongeBob tangled and more too numerous to count. Carry
interpreta!on of the grinch was amazing bringing a comedic flare to a gloomy character and maybe even a slight onset of creepiness that smile s!ll
haunts me to this day Tambos Character Mayor May who brought a certain arch-enemy vibe to his character you know even though his cheerful
disposi!on that he is the man who is a snake uses money and power to get what he wants and slanders anyone who gets in his way. Momsen brought
her charm and age into full effect being the unlikely hero of the film she has dreams and was willing to go against social norms to help those around her
even though it wasn’t necessarily popular to do so. The costume design for all characters was pulled direct from the source material of how the grinch
stole Christmas Dr. Seuss books show heavy the costume design and set pieces in the film odd shapes lots of colors all these things come together to
let’s call it world building making the audience believe they are watching a storybook. I would call it a fantas!cal style of the costume.
The Grinch – tablecloth trick – YouTube
How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The Christmas ceremony HD CLIP – YouTube
How the grinch stole christmas: The christmas … – youtube. youtube. (2020, December 20). Retrieved December 15, 2021, from
The Grinch – tablecloth trick – youtube. youtube. (2009, December 22). Retrieved December 15, 2021, from h%ps://
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As we have been discussing, mise-en-scène is the use of a variety of design elements to
create the visual theme of a film. As you prepare to write this discussion, take a few
moments to do the following:

Review the grading rubric
Download grading rubricfor this discussion.

Select a film from this list of approved choices
approved choices.
Download list of
Note: If you would like to write about a film that is not on this list, you must email your
professor for approval in advance or you may not receive credit on this discussion
Mise-en-scène refers to different technical elements used in making a film, some of
which you have already analyzed in this course. The term also encompasses the role of
actors in a film, their costuming and makeup, their physical positioning and movements
within the frame, as well as the different styles of acting performance.
Consider the ways in which the casting of specific actors, their makeup and costumes,
their placement in chosen scenes, and how they interact with their environment on set
are used to establish and develop the characters within the story.

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