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West Coast University Resolution of Phenylethylamine Lab Report and Questions

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Instructions for Resolution of Enantiomers lab report:
• You must have an introduction stating the purpose of the experiment. Your introduction
should be at least 5 sentences long. Cite any sources used even if it is the handout provided
for the experiment. Do not plagiarize but summarize in your own words.
• You must list the steps/procedures from the video listed below. List your own experimental
procedures as steps 1, 2, 3, etc.
• Calculate the following for this experiment. You must show work for your calculations. You
can do them by hand and scan them as a pdf file
• Moles of limiting reagents using the data below
• Percent yield using the data below
• Specific rotation using the data below
• Optical purity using the data below and from the reading material
Data for experiment:
mass of tartaric acid = 13.2 g
mass of (+/-) 1-phenylethylamine = 10.5 g
observed rotation from polarimeter of (S)-enantiomer: -2.9102
mass of (S)-amine recovered after separation = 2.50 grams
concentration of sample (grams/mL) = 0.3125 g/mL
pathlength of polarimeter cell = 1.00 dm
• Answer the following questions and elaborate on them while writing your discussion:
Compare the experimental yield vs. the typical yield. The typical yield is found in the reading
Compare the experimental specific rotation vs. typical specific rotation which is found in the
reading material
• You must also answer the post lab questions
• You must have a Works Cited section or References with proper citations at the end of the
lab report.
• Submit your final report as a PDF file only to my email. No other formats will be graded.
Resolution of Enantiomers Post lab Questions
*****You must show your work for problems that are asking for calculations to earn full credit. You
can hand write your calculations and scan them as a PDF file only.****

1. In this experiment, if a student obtains an amine with [a]gº = -35.3°, then:
a. What is the optical purity of the amine?
b. Calculate the %(S) and %(R) enantiomers of the amine in the sample.
2. How could you isolate the R-(+)-a-phenylethylamine from the mother liquor that remained
after you crystallized and filtered off the S-(-)-a-phenylethylamine?
3. If the boiling point of the pure S-amine is 186 to 188, what is the boiling point of its enantiomer?
4. What optical rotation would be observed if 3.72 grams of the S-amine were mixed with 3.72 grams of the R-amine?
5. Calculate the specific rotation of a substance that is dissolved in a solvent (0.38 g/mL) and that has an observed
rotation of -30 as it was determined with a 0.5 dm polarimeter cell.

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